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Consent to collect personal information

1. Consent to collection of personal information
Will provide a procedure for clicking the "I Accept" button or the "I Disagree" button on the user's personal information protection policy or the contents of the Terms of Use and click the "I Accept" button
I consent to the collection of personal information.

2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
"Personal information" means information about an individual who is alive and includes information that can be used to identify the individual by the name, mobile phone number, etc. contained in the information,
Including things that can not be distinguished, but which can be easily identified and combined with other information).
Most services can be used at any time without a separate user registration. However, through the membership service, we can provide users with more advanced services, including customized services.
We collect and use personal information of the user for the following purpose to contribute.

- Name, ID, Password, Nickname: Used for identity verification process using membership service
- E-mail, mobile phone number: Secure communication path for notifications, complaint handling, new service