Find the media news about Nonghyup RedGinseng

Find the media news about Nonghyup RedGinseng

Press Release

포트폴리오 상세
Acrofan 2017-10-26 Nonghyup Red Ginseng Hansam and the launch of Baekyeonhong Queen, a double functional product for menopausal women.

Nonghyup Red Ginseng Hansam launched a six-year-old health functional food called "Baekyeon Red Queen," which contains Korean red ginseng and white ginseng.

Baekyeonhong Queen is a health functional food that combines "complex extracts such as Baeksuo," which are attracting attention as it is known that it helps relieve menopausal symptoms as its main ingredient, "Hongsam," a six-year-old root.

The improvement of the Cooperman Index (KI), an indicator of the menopause index, was confirmed through human testing as the main ingredient of the "complex extract such as Baek Soo-oh, Sok Dan, and Donkey." It is a raw material that the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recognized for its effectiveness in improving female menopausal symptoms with similar effects to female hormone estrogen.

Han Sam-in explained that the addition of "complex extracts such as white ginseng" with five functions can help alleviate menopausal symptoms as well as improve blood circulation and basic physical strength to improve the quality of life of menopausal women.

Baek Yeon-hong Queen' is a flower-shaped product design that costs 139,000 won per month (70mL*30 bags).

In addition, Hansam offers a gift of Miensu Body Cleanser worth 200,000 won or a high-end spa gift certificate or a chance to win Shim Eui-hwan when purchasing Baekyeon Red Queen from October 27 (Friday) to November 22 (Wed).

An official from Nonghyup Red Ginseng Hansam said, "If menopausal symptoms appear due to a decrease in female hormones, the quality of life decreases due to various symptoms such as depression, forgetfulness, sleep disorders, and pain," adding, "We hope that it will help middle-aged women improve their quality of life."

Meanwhile, Nonghyup Red Ginseng Hansam products can be purchased at franchises nationwide, Hansam Online Mall, department stores, and Nonghyup Hanaro Mart.