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“The best health food company” that serves health and
richness to people’s life’

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Clean and safe good

Operated by complete domestic capital,
Nonghyup Wholefood

Providing safe and quality agrifood grown with farmers’ heart and soul, we deliver health and happiness to customers.

  1. Nonghyup Wholefood is fresh.
    We only use domestic agricultural products that is cultivated
    on our land, by our farmer’s hands.
  2. Nonghyup Wholefood is safe.
    Through rotational safety management system,
    from manufacturing district to consumption location,
    we look after blissful food of the people.
  3. Nonghyup Wholefood is trustworthy..
    Made with Nonghyup’s 54 years of know-how, whole family
    can eat with trust.
  1. We are nearby our customers.
    Following consumption trend and change of lifestyle,
    we approach with neighborhood-type food store.
  2. Nonghyup Wholefood keeps
    reasonable price for customers.
    We have minimized distribution steps of our agrifood
    grown with farmers’ heart and soul.
    We provide top quality products at reasonable price.