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“The best health food company” that serves health and
richness to people’s life’

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Nonghyup Ginseng “Hansamin”
holds meaning to “imprint Korea’s very Goryeo
Ginseng to the world.”

100% self-invested by National Agricultural Cooperative Federation,
Nonghyup Ginseng puts effort for customer’s health enhancement and farmer’s profit increase, and works hard to
fulfill ultimate goal to becoming trustworthy health food company that customer’s always anticipate.

Nonghyup sets the Goryeo Gingseng standards.

Nonghyup takes ideology of business cooperative and public service corporation
in Ginseng cultivation, purchase and manufacture. Nonghyup is government
enterprise agency that stands in for government legislating gingseng cultivation
declaration, cultivation map, identification of age, etc

Nonhyup’s representative brand “Hansamin”

“Hansamin” is Nonghyup’s representative ginseng brand responsible for
instructing, manufacturing, purchasing, delivery and so forth. Through strict
quality test and exclusive manpower arrangement we provide safety and
reasonable price before it is in your hands.

한삼인 판매과정

  1. Farmland Selection
    20,501 professional ginseng union members examines
    heavy-metal contamination on soil, selects ideal
    plantation, and manages 1-2 years of preparation field
  2. Ginseng Purchase
    Through specialized agency Nonghyup ginseng inspection
    office determines farmland, identification of age, ginseng
    purchasing to right recipients from inquiry commission.)
  3. QC
    Official examination institute “Nonghyup Food Safety
    Research Institute” runs 300 variety of quality inspections.
  1. Expert Manufacture Guidance
    Manage systematical cultivation from having traceability
    management system for commercial farms, examine
    raising situations thoroughly, and supervision suggestions.
  2. Ginseng Manufacture
    Manufactures from high-tech GMP (Good Manufacturing
    Practice) certified facility by low temperature extraction and
    vacuum concentration reducing saponin damage.
  3. Sale
    Holding 900 domestic stores and exporting to 21
    different countries leads to becoming global brand
    promoting excellence of Goryeo Ginseng.