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Red Ginseng Story

Why does medicinal
effect of red ginseng
white ginseng?

Beneficial components to the human body is created from the manufacturing process.
Red ginseng contents way more beneficial components to the human body than white
ginseng. Red ginseng has remarkable medicinal effect. From neutralization component
of red ginseng, there is no side effect of causing fever and digests easily.

Red ginseng
reported on

  • (Science) Goryeo Ginseng has clinical proof of anticancer
    effect; anticancer component detected

    “the Dong-A Daily News” October 5th, 1995

  • Clinical research result announced at Korea·Japan

    “Kyunghyang Daily News” October 6th, 1996

  • (Science) Goryeo Ginseng anticancer effect

    “Chosun Daily News” September 23rd. 1997

  • Red Ginseng erectile dysfunction function improved; clinical
    demonstration by Professor Hyung Ki Choi of Yonsei Univ.

    “the Dong-A Daily News” September 20th, 1997 / Science part

  • Medical news brief – domestic red ginseng, effective on

    “Kyunghyang Daily News” October 4th, 1999

  • Red ginseng=Confirms blood pressure lowering effect on
    hypertension patients

    (“Seoul Yonhap News” November 25th, 1998)

  • 「Health Revolution」 Diabetes, complete recovery
    drinking red ginseng extract for 2 months

    “The Korea Economic Daily” July 12th, 1997

  • Research from director of Korean Cancer Center
    Hospital dr. Taek Gu Yoon

    Anticancer effect

  • [Anticancer medicine] Red ginseng saponin to toxicity –
    SOD effect

    “The Sports Chosun” February 3rd, 1997