To produce finest white ginseng, Nonghyup Red
Ginseng picks the best plantation field.

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Purchase of 6 year old ginseng cultivated through
farmland selection, expert manufacturing guidance, thorough
management is decided passing through Nonghyup’s
identification of age and safety inspection. After manufacturing
at GMP processing facilities, national organization Nonghyup
ginseng inspection office judges gradings.
following strict body type, color and gloss, epidermal
standards, “Ppurisam” is classified into heaven grade,
earth grade, good grade, cut grade.

Product Grading Heaven grade, Earth Grade, Good Grade, Cut grade

Product Composition 10 pcs, 15 pcs, 20 pcs, 30 pcs, 40 pcs, 50pcs, 60pcs, 70pcs

Product Size 150g, 300g, 600


Ginseng that is manufactured through GMP processing facilities,
is extracted by patented low temperature decompression method
and put into luxurious container, having 5 kinds of functionality.
The Extract is separated into 100% pure ginseng product and
extract product mix with different medicinal herbs. Representative
product is “Red Ginseng Extract Prime”.

※ 5 types of function

- Helps improving immunity.

- Helps recover fatigue.

- Helps improve memory.

- Helps antioxidation.

- Through platelet
   aggregation inhibitory effect
   helps the blood flow.

Product Name Red Ginseng Extract Prime

Size 240g, 120g

Main Ingredient 100% 6 year old red ginseng extract

Red Ginseng Drinks

Extract by patented low temperature decompression method
is diluted into beverage form and flavored with supplementary
ingred ents, packed into pouch, can, or PET bottle, is a popular
product that people of all ages can drink.

Product Name Pure Liquid of Red Ginseng Gold

Size 70ml x 60 pack, 70ml x 30 pack

Main Ingredient 100% 6 year old red ginseng extract


Extract by patented low temperature decompression method
processed into powder type and formed into capsule
product for intake at ease, or formed into tablet product to enjoy
rich flavor of red ginseng and herbs.
Representative product is “Shim Eu Hwan”.

Product Name Shim Eu Hwan

Size 3.8g x 30 Hwan

Main Ingredient 6 year old red ginseng powder 18%, 6 year old red ginseng extract 17%

Red Ginseng Tea/Jeolpyeon

From old times, red ginseng was drunk in tea form or eaten mixed
with honey. For easy use, red ginseng tea is individually packed
in once-use, jeolpyeon marinated with honey is cut and packed into
easy intake size. Red ginseng tea and jeolpyeon let’s you feel
unique and rich red ginseng flavor.
Representative product is “Red Ginseng Tea Gold” and “Honeyed
Red Ginseng Jeolpyeon”.

Product Name Red Ginseng Tea Gold

Size 3g x 100 pack, 3g x 50 pack

Main Ingredient 6 year old red ginseng extract 10%

Product Name Honeyed Red Ginseng Jeolpyeon

Size 20g x 10 pcs, 20g x 5 pcs

Main Ingredient 6 year old red ginseng extract 51%, honey 49%

Beauty products

Using variety functions of red ginseng, red ginseng
ingredients are added into soap, shampoo, mask packs to help
modern people interested in beauty treatments.

Bean Jelly/Candy

Made into snacks like bean jelly, candy, chocolate form
for easy enjoy, are products makes you feel unique red ginseng
flavor and take care of your health at same time.
Representative product is “Red Ginseng Bean Jelly”.

Product Name Red Ginseng Bean Jelly

Size 45g x 20pcs, 45g x 10pcs

Main Ingredient Red Ginseng Sap 5.18%