Nonghyup RedGinseng Puts the Health of People at the Top Priority!

Nonghyup RedGinseng Puts the Health of People at the Top Priority!

About Us

Nonghyup RedGinseng of Korea
It’s possible because it’s Hansamin.

Nonghyup RedGinseng is a health food company,
which was established in 2002 and 100% domestically funded by the Korean National Agricultural Cooperative Federation,
with the aim of increasing the income of ginseng farmers and improving the health of the Korean people.

Nonghyup RedGinseng Hansamin is safe and reliable,
for Nonghyup directly manages all processes,
from contract farming, manufacturing,
quality control,
distribution to sales.

Anyone can produce red ginseng,
but Nonghyup RedGinseng Hansamin makes possible what no one else can do.

Nonghyup RedGinseng Hansamin is grown
by our farmers under contract farming.

To make high-quality red ginseng, we search for good land in the country and sign a contract with farmers.
Through two years of soil management, we create an environment where ginseng can grow well.
And again for six years, we plant, adjust the sunlight and take care of ginseng with all hearts.

We will fulfill your expectations with best products.

The Hansamin manufacturing factory located in Jeungpyeong,
Chungcheongbuk-do, is a state-of-art GMP facility with a safer
and more systematic system to take responsibility for the health
of our customers.

We will fulfill your expectations with
the best red ginseng products that shine
the reputation as an origin country of ginseng.